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The head of the European Commission called on the US Congress to praise the help of Ukraine

In connection with Russia's frequent attacks on Ukraine, the head of the European Commission Sula von der Leyen called on the Congress The United States will decide to provide a package of assistance to Kiev, which has been “talking about” for several months.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on RND.

“Europe has repeatedly asked us about new approaches support for Ukraine, although at times it was not easy. If all the savings are made, then today we have almost a three-digit billion sum in the form of civil and military assistance,” she said.

The head of the European Commission emphasized that Ukraine deserves to be supported by all the great countries of the world.

“I am immediately going to the House of Representatives of the US Congress with an unequivocal appeal to also give back the goods and decide to praise the package of assistance to Ukraine, which has stalled for several months now,” she said.

Aid to Ukraine from the USA

The United States has run out of money to finance assistance to Ukraine, and the development of new products has been before Congress since last fall. The collapse in nutrition became severe when the Senate praised the bill, which would transfer money to help Ukraine, Israel and other US partners.

More than 60 billion dollars were transferred to Ukraine as part of this bill.

However, the House of Representatives did not review the document approved by the Senate. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson was considering putting this bill to a vote. Zokrema, through the position of Donald Trump, may be a significant influx on the Republican Party.

For days, Trump, after a fight with Johnson, stated that he was not against American aid to Ukraine. Ale, in his words, she is not a “gift”. In this manner, Trump supported the idea of ​​​​helping Ukraine on credit, which was supported by the Republican Party.

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