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The head of the Pentagon asked about health and christened the lines of turning to work

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who was hospitalized 1 day ago, is on the mend and ready to turn around isya to work. President Joe Biden has not heard from the Pentagon about the health status of a hospital patient for many days.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement sent to the Pentagon on the minister's website.

“I want to tell the miracle doctors and to the medical staff of Walter Reed for the culprit turbo, which they gave me for the special warmth that they showed to my family. I am also grateful to my colleagues and friends for their support and gratitude. ayu on the shuttle, turn to the Pentagon,” said Ostin.

The US Secretary of Defense also learned that he could better inform the public about his health problems and hopefully get better. However, he said that it was a medical procedure, and he takes full credit for his decision to release information.

Biden did not find out about everything immediately

In the meantime, as Bloomberg reports, President Joe Biden knowing about the problems Austin's health for a few days after his admission to the hospital. The head of the White House did not reject the latest information from Pentagon officials.

Biden and Austin had no contact for two days after the president was informed about Austin's health problems on Thursday. Vidannya means that on the evening of Saturday, the 6th of today, the stench was prayed for. The President has complete confidence in his Defense Minister, one of the American officials said.

The Defense Department spokesman did not explain what the problem was with Austin's health, whether the planned treatment of his veins was taking place, and why there was no mention of his hospitalization. it was said earlier . He explained to Austin's concerns about his private life.

Lloyd Austin's illness and hospitalization

Secretary of Defense of the United States Lloyd Austin was hospitalized 1 day to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center through a complex procedure after a planned medical procedure. The Pentagon received information about the whole for just four days after the official was transferred to the hospital.

At the time of his absence, the head of the Pentagon was convicted by his intercessor Kathleen Hicks.

Lloyd Aust's activities in the US Secretary of Defense's seat < p>After the large-scale Russian shelling on 29 April, Lloyd Austin confirmed the strength of Ukraine’s support in its fight against Russian aggression and the coalition of about 50 members of the Alliance and partners.

Likewise, the US Army struck targets of the Kataib grouping Hezbollah.” The attack was inspired by a drone strike on an American base in Iraq.

The Pentagon also announced the beginning of a special operation to protect shipping in the Red Sea.

Terminovy ​​and important information about you in Russia against Ukraine, read on the channelRBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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