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The key to Krim's permission. The Taurus rockets are coming to Ukraine and Scholz is looking for supplies

Ukraine has been seeking deliveries of long-range Taurus missiles for several months. However, Germany argues under different drives, either fearing strikes on the territory of Russia, or declaring that the outbreak is due to the participation of the German military.

About those at what stage of the process, about the characteristics of the Taurus, in Where to lay down the transfer of missiles and chi In the future, our forces can or we can reject them, – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: statements of Ukrainian and emerging leaders and officials, publications of Politico, profile portal The War Zone, information from the websites of MDBA and Saab, comments from Defense Express expert Valery Ryabikh.

Ukraine asks, Germany explains: what is the reason

The story of the Taurus winged missiles may well be one of the most interesting. First, foreign partners are, in principle, reluctant to give far-reaching interests to Ukraine; otherwise, Germany itself is in no hurry to show leadership in the ongoing developments.

The food supply of the “Taurus” began to be discussed in the spring of 2023, since the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine issued an official request. From that hour, it seemed, we were getting as close as possible to a positive decision, and Berlin had not yet given the green light. The former Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius did not consider the need to fire missiles from a range of approximately 500 km and complained to the United States that it did not respect ATACMS transmissions. Although at that time the Ukrainian forces had already effectively blocked the British and French Storm Shadow/SCALP.

“This is a high-precision, long-range armor, without a chance for the enemy, which brings our victory closer. I would like to order from Storm Shadow and SCALP launch a German missile,” said the speaker of the Air Force Yuriy Ignat.

Photo: characteristics of the Taurus rocket (infographics RBC-Ukraine)

The transfer was allowed into the Bundesstaz, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz was able to modify the missiles so that the smell did not reach Russian territory. According to Spiegel, the pharmaceutical company was asked to integrate such an exchange. Ukraine called the battles ungrounded and asked Taurus to speed up the counterattack. In the spring, the head of the Bundestag Committee for Defense, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, stated that the Chancellor was against the Chancellor.

Pistorius predicted a final decision before the day, and Bild wrote that the Ukrainian military will required up to three months to fire up new missiles. The pressure on the Chancellor has grown from the side of other foreign partners, and the MBDA company has announced its readiness to renew its production.

Last year, the opposition in the Bundesstaz put Taurus deliveries to a vote, but the proposal failed. Instead, she praised the coalition project without directly mentioning the type of missiles, but with the formulation of “a long-range weapon for targeted strikes deep in the back of the Russian aggressor.” In the opinion of the people's deputy, the head of the defense committee for the sake of Yegor Chernev, it was actually about the “taurus”, since Germany does not have any other similar far-reaching goals.

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that fatigue is transferred to the order, Now the United States may be able to unblock ATACMS missiles from a range of 300 km. Since then, Scholz has once again come out against the enemy, because he has somehow drawn Germany into the war.

“This is a very distant matter. And those that the English and the French need to work on in terms of target and related control, we cannot work out. Tse knows the skin who is on the right side of this system,” – stating VIN.

A representative of the British Ministry of Defense uttered his words and said that Storm Shadow is on the right of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Today it became known that Britain is privately engaging German partners. Ale Scholz is unpretentious and repeats that “with the wrong choice” the Taurus will hit targets in Moscow, and for its destruction the participation of the military from Germany is necessary.

What you know about the German Taurus missiles

TAURUS (Target Adaptive Unitary & Dispenser Robotic Ubiquity System – “Target Adaptive Unitary & Dispenser Robotic Universal System”) is an aviation missile of the surface-to-ground class. Designed for strikes against high-defense and low-lying targets without the nose entering the attack zone. It was developed and developed by the company Taurus Systems GmbH – a joint venture of the German concern MBDA and the Swedish Saab Bofors. The operators developed since 2005 are the UPS of Germany, Spain and New Korea.

The missile has combined guidance from three subsystems:

This allows rockets to fly over large distances without GPS support. High accuracy is ensured by an autonomous inertial guidance system, which adjusts in the field based on radar data and creates a landscape using a programmed map. At the terminal area, the infrared homing head is launched.

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Taurus is positioned as a family of modular missiles, which are equipped with warheads of various types and can be launched from land-based, sea-based and aircraft platforms.

Characteristics of the basic version of KEPD 350:

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