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The Kharkov City Council renamed Pushkinskaya Street and other toponyms

Today, 65 toponyms were renamed in Kharkov.

The Kharkov City Council renamed Pushkinskaya Street and other toponyms

Renaming streets (illustrative photo)

Deputies of the Kharkov City Council renamed it allies.

About this reported the press service of the Kharkov City Council.

In particular, st. Pushkinskaya street is now called. Grigory Skovoroda.

“There were flights on the former Pushkinskaya Street, there was colossal destruction there, people suffered. Now she will bear the name of Grigory Skovoroda. I am grateful that the deputy corps supported my proposal,” said the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov.

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Also on the street. Korolenko was renamed to st. Nikolaevskaya, st. Omskaya – on the street. Bakhmutskaya, st. Khabarova – on the street. Kholodopromovskaya, st. Pskovskaya – on the street. Truskavetskaya, and the First of May Square – to the Hippodrome Square.

Former street Volzhskaya will be named after the street. Piryatinskaya, st. Dagestanskaya – st. Sinevirskoy, per. Perm – per. Lutsky, st. Pozharsky – st. Kommunalshchikov, st. Smolenskaya – st. Mukachevskaya, and per. Nikolaev – per. Oleshkovsky.

St. Romain Rolland will now bear the name of Les Kurbas, trans. Adygei – Oleg Gutsola, st. Borodinovskaya – Yuri Poyarkov, trans. Balashovsky – Ivan Leshchenkova, st. Kokchetavskaya – Sotnik Kostyuchenko, st. Uralskaya – Ivan Shchegolev, and per. Chkalov – Sergei Parkhomenko.

The largest number of renamings is in the Kiev and Kholodnogorsk districts. A complete list of renamed toponyms can be found here.

  • The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, proposed renaming Pushkin Street in honor of Grigory Skovoroda.
  • In the summer of 2022, Terekhov announced that in Kharkov they plan to change about 400 names associated with Russia. But this did not apply to Pushkin streets and the Pushkin metro station.

  • “What is Pushkin, born Putin, to blame for? Moreover, Pushkin is a world-famous poet, as is Lermontov. There are other outstanding poets, writers, and artists. There is no need for everyone to fit the same brush… We learned from the wonderful poems of Pushkin and Lermontov. And Pushkinskaya will remain Pushkinskaya. We have Pushkinskaya street, we have a metro station named after Pushkin. Let this remain,” Igor Terekhov said then.

  • Kharkov suffered Russian attacks from the first day of the large-scale invasion. The Russians hit civilians in Kharkov and their homes. Only after three attacks on January 23, one of which killed 10 townspeople, Terekhov decided to abandon the street of the “world famous poet” Pushkin.


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