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The Kiev court continued the successful exit of the former president of the Motor Sich company.

In Kiev, the Solomyansky District Court continued the successful outcome of the ex-president of the Motor Sich company Vyacheslav Boguslaev for two months.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the reports on “Suspilna”.

The final verdict was praised by the court in the capital on the 19th. According to the words of lawyer Ruslan Volints in a conversation with journalists, the closing date has been extended until the 18th quarter.

The defendant's attorney added that an appeal will be filed.

“Boguslaev's health is rapidly deteriorating, with why is it dynamic. And without us speaking, the pre-trial detention center doctors see documents. At this point they are already extinguishing respect, but the brothers are afraid of responsibility,” – even Volinets.

Among the authorities, as the prosecutor called the meeting at the hour of the meeting, there was a possibility the defendant should be intercepted, the investigation will be intercepted and the influx of evidence will occur, as well as the reduction and acquisition of evidence.

On the right is “Motor Sich”

It seems that in the last year the SBU was targeting Vyacheslav Boguslaev, who was the president of “Motor Sich”. The Zaporizhzhya plant specializes in the manufacture and repair of engines for helicopters and aircraft.

Boguslaeva is suspected of collaboration, complicity with the Russian Federation, and the distorted activities of the ZSU and post gave the aggressor goods of military significance. In addition, he was suspected of spying with the DPR militants.

As the leaves fell last year, the court continued the visits of Boguslaev and the head of one of the departments of the Motor Sich company, Oleg Dzyubi, in the appearance of a relapse under warta without the right to outpost until 5 June 2024.

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