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The law on mobilization in Ukraine has been published: the exact date when the new norms will come into force

The official parliamentary publication “Voice of Ukraine” published a law on mobilization. This means that the document will become valid in a month from the day following its publication.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a message to the “Voice of Ukraine”.

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“This law gains strength one month from the day following the day of its publication,” it says.

In this manner, the new law will be requested on the 18th of May.

Basic norms of the law:

  • The right to demobilization of people with disabilities, as well as demobilization from military service (if the military service does not determine the I will continue to serve).
  • All conscripts who are in military service and reservists 60 days after the date of their appointment by law can report to the TCC, at the Central Station or quickly use the electronic account to clarify the details.
  • Deputy line service – basic military terminom service 5 (in peacetime) and 3 (in wartime) months. Ukrainians up to 24 years of age can withdraw the period of basic service.
  • Basic legal training will be provided. By 2025, it will become an element of initial mortgages, carried out in all forms of government.
  • Military services at the time of the first contract have the right to compensation of 50% of the first deposit for the loan secured by the subject of the mortgage.
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  • People who are guilty must carry military documents with them and present them to all police and TCC officials.
  • During the hour of verification of documents, a representative of the TCC or a police officer can take photos and video recording.
  • Consular services behind the cordon. Within 60 days it is necessary to update your personal data in the TCC. You can earn money remotely by e-mail, by telephone or through an e-account.
  • Exchange of car rental rights for military service personnel.
  • Those who have passed the II – III disability group after 2 4 By the end of 2022 (in the vicinity of the military service), you may undergo a second medical examination to determine your eligibility for service.
  • Among the military personnel, you may also have to undergo a VLK. For them, the status will be “additional” or “not adjunct”.

Basics provisions of the “mobilization” law (infographics from RBC-Ukraine)

Full document text Ukraine has made changes in mobilization

It is likely that already on the 25th century, having introduced to the Rada a bill on mobilization, military service and military service. Ale yogo was called out through low respect. Last year, an updated document was introduced into parliament, which, after thousands of amendments, was completed in the first and second reading of the 7th quarter and the 11th quarter. After which the 16th quarter law was signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Demobilization was turned off after 36 months of continuous service for the decisions of Headquarters. This norm was approved by the head of the Ministry of Defense Rustem Umerov and the head commander of the ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky.

Now the Cabinet of Ministers, over the course of 8 months, will develop a bill that will regulate food from the military service d hour of the right-wing regime of the military camp.

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