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The Main Intelligence Directorate has released details of the attack on the Russian ship “Yamal”

In the time-occupied Sevastopol, the great landing ship of Russia “Yamal” was attacked on the 23rd. The maintenance of the vessel is critical.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from the dispatches to the Main Control Department.

So, on the 23rd of February, the occupied Crimea was successfully attacked by the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. Kupovany Krim. “Zokrema, when the 13th ship repair plant of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was attacked near Sevastopol, and in the middle of the war, the great landing ship of the enemy “Yamal” was moored, – according to the assessments of the military intelligence of Ukraine, the nature of the damage to the airborne landing ship “Yamal” be critical – a hole near the upper deck caused a list to the starboard side.

“The occupiers are constantly pumping water from the damaged ship, which took part in the annexation of Krim, and from 2017 to 2023 was undergoing repairs,” the intelligence officer said.

Strikes in Crimea

23 Bereznya, the time-occupied Crimea was lulled with vibukha, zokrema, near Sevastopol. OSINT-analysts predicted that Sevastopol was about to experience battles of the great military convoy of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

Russian Telegram channels 24 years ago provided information that in Sevastopol, during the battle, “the command post was disguised, at which point the attack was carried out by over two dozen officers.”

Later this day at the General Staff of the ZSU It was revealed that the Ukrainian Defense Forces carried out attacks on targets of the Russian occupiers near Sevastopol. Two landing ships of the Russian Federation – “Yamal” and “Azov” and the center of communication were destroyed.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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