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The Main Intelligence Directorate named the number of artillery shells that Russia seized from the DPRK

Russian Korea handed over millions of artillery to the Russian Federation what kind of ammunition? Most of them originated in the other half of the 20th century and are therefore unreliable.

Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, stated this, reports RBC-Ukraine Sent to your interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency .

In his words, Russia does not have sufficient military efforts for a rapid increase in the production of missile defense. In the past, the Russians simply conquered the power of the defense industry – they prepared nearly two million ammunition of 122 mm and 152 mm calibers.

Looking at the situation, the Kremlin turned to Northern Korea for help .

“As of today, according to obvious statistical data, the Russians from the DPRK have already imported another million of ammunition. That is, the ammunition from the 70s and 80s. Half of it is not for use, but for solving needs є before that, how to stagnate, or to renew , aboard transconditions, ” – having attached Skіbizky.

The representative of the Gur Takozhu, the pichenyan is Moscow Stari Boopashi, and the musking to the delay to transmit the technology for the vicinet of missiles I pіdwrodni chovniv.

one He called the DPRK's attempt to transfer technology for the production of a nuclear weapon the most dangerous.

“The most important thing here for international cohesion is that the DPRK is definitely asking for technologies that would create a nuclear war. And here we need Russia to make a call, because the whole world is fighting for non-disruption, and Russia is in They are clearly beginning to pursue this directly in exchange for the removal of additional ammunition, missiles and other types of armored equipment,” said Skibitsky.

North Korea is helping Russia with missiles

In the past, John Kirby, coordinator for national security of the White House, stated that Russia bought from Pivnichnaya Kore ї ballistic missiles . They have already been selected for attacks on Ukraine.

Information has recently appeared that the occupiers hit Kharkov with Korean missiles.

According to Ukrainian intelligence estimates, the Russian army could deny mother from North Korea is close millions of shells.

For days, the US representative to the DPRK, Jung Park, discussed with the PRC representative on the right of the Korean Peninsula, Liu Xiaomi, the military tradition of Russia and Northern Korea.

The terms are also important. information about the war Read Russia versus Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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