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The main thing for Saturday, January 20: battles in the Kupyansky and Limansky directions, the Mazepa case

Battles near Avdeevka, 72 military clashes, enemy shelling.

The main thing for Saturday, January 20: battles on Kup&rsquoyan; ></p>
<p> Nikopol region, January 20 </p>
<p class=The German company Taurus Systems has denied the statement of Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) defense expert Johannes Arlt that the German defense industry is not able to quickly fill missile reserves if they are supplied to Ukraine, DW writes.

The head of Taurus Systems, Joachim Knopf, in his post on the X platform, emphasized that filling missile reserves as quickly as possible is not a problem. “In the event of an appropriate order, the manufacturer is ready in the shortest possible time to both begin production of new Taurus missiles and modify existing ones,” he wrote.

Back in November, the manufacturing company MBDA, which owns Taurus Systems, stated that it was able to quickly not only increase the production of Taurus missiles, but also integrate new technical advances into them.

Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 72 military clashes occurred during the day.

The enemy launched 3 missile attacks (with S-300 anti-aircraft guided missiles on the civilian infrastructure of Novogradovka, Donetsk region) and 4 air strikes, and carried out 25 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas. Russian terrorist attacks have unfortunately resulted in civilian deaths and injuries. More than 35 private residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged. break through the defenses of our troops.

In the Liman direction, our defenders repelled 6 enemy attacks near Ternov, Yampolevka, Donetsk region, and 7 more attacks in the areas of Serebryansky forestry, Belogorivka, Luhansk region.

< p class="MsoNormal">More details about the operational situation as of 18:00 January 20 – in our news.

Today at about 12:20 the Russian army launched artillery strikes on the city of Gulyaypole, Zaporozhye region. As a result of the attack, a local resident was injured.

“A local resident was wounded by fragments of an enemy shell in his own yard. The police provided him with first aid and handed him over to military doctors,” said the head of the Zaporizhzhya OVA, Yuriy Malashko. .

Rescuers are working at the sites of the strikes.

Chairman of the Dnepropetrovsk OVA Sergei Lysak said that during the day the Nikopol region suffered from enemy strikes. The infidels hit the area with two kamikaze drones and fired at it three more times with artillery. 5 private houses and 6 outbuildings were damaged. People are unharmed.

As of the morning of January 20, 2024, according to official information from juvenile prosecutors, 520 children were killed and more than 1,196 were injured of varying degrees of severity.

Children suffered the most in the following regions: Donetsk – 504, Kharkov – 315, Kherson – 146, Kiev – 130, Dnepropetrovsk – 111, Nikolaev – 101, Zaporozhye – 100, Chernigov – 72, Lugansk – 67.

“These figures are not final. Work continues to establish them in places of hostilities, in temporarily occupied and liberated territories,” writes the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Prosecutor of the Office of the Prosecutor General, procedural head in proceedings for the theft of strategic lands of the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Plant, Evgeniy Slyota said on the air of the telethon that 12 persons were reported as suspicious in the case of the theft of lands of the Kiev Hydroelectric Power Station.

Among the suspects is one of the leaders of the Main Directorate of the State GeoCadastre in the Kyiv region. He is in custody. The involvement of other officials in the illegal acquisition of plots in the specified territory is being verified.

The prosecutor explained that, according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, law enforcement agencies have the right to detain a suspect without a court order if there are grounds to believe that a possible escape to evade criminal liability.

He added that the suspects are charged with events not 10 years ago, but 2020-2021. This investigation was launched in 2021 and is connected with another, which also concerns the acquisition of lands within the dam of the Kyiv hydroelectric power station. The combined proceedings were automatically assigned the number of the proceedings started earlier.

According to the prosecutor, there is no political motivation or pressure on business in this case.

The most complete picture of today is on our website. We hope that tomorrow there will be more good news.

Let's hold on and bring Victory closer!


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