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The main thing for Sunday, December 31: evening attack by “martyrs”, strike on the Kharkov region, awards to the military

Enemy shelling, the death of a teenager in Kherson, 23 victims of a massive attack on Kyiv. How will the 676th day of a full-scale war, the last day of 2023, be remembered?

The main thing for Sunday, December 31: evening attack by

This evening, an air raid alert was announced in many regions of Ukraine due to the threat of the Russians using attack drones of the “shahed” type. Due to the Russian attack, air defense forces were working in the Khmelnitsky region.

The occupiers attacked the region with drones. “Khmelnitsky region! Enemy UAVs in the area! Air defense is working!” Deputy Chairman of the Regional Military Administration Sergei Tyurin wrote on Facebook, calling on residents to stay in shelters.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on awarding awards to the Ukrainian military.


“Almost 700 soldiers. Army. Air Force. Navy. GUR. Five Heroes of Ukraine, and four of them are intelligence officers , warriors of the Main Intelligence Directorate. Those whose heroic work cannot now be talked about, but whom we all must thank. Our heroes,” he said in an evening address.

The president also added that another “Golden Star” of the Hero of Ukraine was received by a soldier of the Armed Forces, junior sergeant Igor Tymoshchuk, to whom Zelensky personally presented the award during a trip to Avdiivka.

Four more soldiers have been awarded now “Cross of military merit.” Zelensky also noted doctors, rescuers and everyone who is working for victory.

Russian terrorists again struck Kherson. As a result of the shelling, a 14-year-old boy was killed, and another child was in critical condition.

This was announced by the head of the Kherson OVA, Alexander Prokudin. He subsequently added that two Kherson women were also injured due to the enemy attack. A 32-year-old woman was hospitalized with a mine explosion injury. A 65-year-old city woman suffered a shrapnel wound to her back. The injured are being treated at the hospital.

“the enemy struck Kherson. At that time there were children near the store. A 14-year-old boy died on the spot. A 9-year-old boy is in extremely serious condition. He has a traumatic brain injury. Doctors are fighting for his life. Russian monsters have once again shown its real essence,” Prokudin noted.

In the evening, the Russians launched a missile attack on the city of Chuguev, Kharkov region.

“The occupiers launched attacks with C missiles -300 in the city of Chuguev. At this moment there are no casualties. There is damage to civilian non-residential infrastructure, including warehouses,” said the head of the Kharkov Regional Police Oleg Sinegubov.

Emergency services are working on the ground hits.

As of 13:00 Sunday, rescuers received the body of another victim as a result of the massive attack on Kyiv on December 29. The KMVA reported that the death toll had increased to 23 people.

“Another body. Already 23 Kiev residents have been killed. The search and rescue operation does not stop for a moment,” the message says.

The massive attack on Kyiv on December 29 became the largest in terms of the number of civilian casualties. January 1 was declared a day of mourning in Kyiv.

After a massive attack on the Kharkiv Palace hotel, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had destroyed “decision-making centers” and also eliminated representatives of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allegedly involved before the attack on Belgorod.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense called such statements “morbid delirium” of the aggressor state. This was stated by Andrey Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in a commentary to Ukrayinska Pravda, writes the press service of the department.

“We can report that during the next terrorist act of the Russian Federation and a missile Yesterday’s strike on Kharkov, not a single employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, and therefore not a single fighter of the special unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Defense Ministry “Kraken” was injured,” said Andrey Yusov.

He recalled that The Russian Federation has once again attacked civilian objects in the center of Kharkov.

“This is a constant practice of the Russian Federation and its terrorist missile attacks, which are aimed specifically at civilian infrastructure and civilians. All other statements are imaginary” “impressions” of the representatives of the Main Directorate of the MOU – another painful fantasy of people living in a parallel reality and waging a genocidal war against Ukraine, for which, of course, they will be punished, “said Andrey Yusov.

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