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The Military Forces commented on the downing of the Russian Su-25

The Air Defense Forces have obtained details of the shooting down of the Russian Su-25 aircraft. Yogo was “landed” in Donbass.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a dispatch to the riverine force of the ZSU Illu Yvlash in a telethon.

“You know that this summer, having beaten Suho travelers Military ZSU. As you know, the Ground Forces also have Zokrem PPO systems, which are suitable for small and medium-range PPO robots, which can deal with the pilots, and they are extremely important,” he said.

< p>According to the speaker’s words, this fight has become a devil’s testimony that the ZSU needs additional capabilities to defeat such goals.

“ZSU requires portable air defense systems that can fight both low-flying targets and drones, which can be dealt with in abundance. And of course, more serious complexes, not only attack ones, but for example BUKs , which can effectively resist Russian helicopters and attack aircraft, including number of Su-25s,” adding Yvlash.

Which, obviously, helped to hit the aircraft

Vin without turning it off, which, obviously, contributed to the special factor of the pilot to kill the aircraft.

“Just because we (the pilot, – ed.) felt fearless and had already completed a few villiots and didn’t get enough, it doesn’t mean that we won’t get enough tomorrow or the next day. e viconati song span, ale buv use of the ZSU that,-having stated vin.

ndomo about list

yak, ascending єvlash, passing the cord of the Su-34, їh, yaki to fly to leave the launches, make sure of the Ukrainian PPO. < /p>

“Including the Su-25 – an attack aircraft, also called the “Rook”, which ends the battle on the line of defense, fires at the positions of the anti-aircraft guns of various types with missiles,” he said.

Killing of the Russian Su aircraft -25

4 May President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelnsky said that the ZSU shot down the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in the sky over the Donetsk region. These aircraft are one of the most popular Russian aircraft that are used to destroy SPAAGs.

It is significant that as of May 5, the Ukrainian defense forces have already killed 349 Russian aircraft of various types.

Terms and so important Read information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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