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The Military Forces showed a photo of a burning Russian Su-34

Ukrainian military killed another Russian military bomber for today's spoils Su-34. The Military Forces showed a photo of the fighting warden “drying”.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from a message on Telegram from the Commander of the Military Forces ZSU Mikoli Oleshchuk.

” In the photo there is no sign of greeting and not a sign of food, but a painful Russian “drying”. Don’t doubt anyone! ”Oleschuk wrote under the photo.

Killing of Russian pilots

During the remaining days, the ZSU killed 10 Russian pilots. Today it became known about the “landing” of the Russian Su-34 on Monday, February 26th.

Later, the Air Forces reported that the Ukrainian military had shot down another Russian Su-26 aircraft bomber -34. Having become others for gain.

23 fierce RBC-Ukraine officers in the Defense Forces reported that a Russian A-50 aircraft was shot down over the Sea of ​​Azov. This is another A-50, the same ZSU that was lost since the beginning of the war.

21 fierce Su-34 shootdowns. In addition, 19 fierce ZSU were shot down by two more Russian aircraft at the gathering. According to the words of the head commander of the ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky, these fighters carried out KAB attacks on the positions of the Ukrainian forces. The 18th ZSU “landed” the Russian military-bomber Su-34 at the rally.

And on the 17th it became clear that the Ukrainian forces of the ZSU had captured three Russian aircraft – two military-bombers Su-34 and a military-grade Su-35 . They were also killed on the convergent front.

Significantly, from the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the ZSU killed 340 occupiers.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read the channel and RBC- Ukraine on Telegram.

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