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The military told how to respond to Russian statements about an attack on Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa

“Get ready and train to adequately repel these scum.”

under the National Security and Defense Council Andrey Kovalenko Recently, the enemy has been actively disseminating information about his attack on Kyiv and Odessa. Thus, the Russians are trying to intimidate Ukrainian society. This was discussed in the new episode of the joint podcast of the Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council and Ukrinform “On War.”

In particular, the head of the TsPI Andrei Kovalenko noted that the enemy is disseminating information about the offensive in different directions: “Either they are going to Kharkov, or they are going to Kiev. Medvedev is already coming out and saying that Odessa must return to the bosom of Russia. They are starting to actively scare the fact that, they say, they will not provide us with help, and without Western help, Ukraine will not survive, and the enemy will be in Kiev again in three days, Odessa in three days.”

In turn, the management officer of the 12th Azov Brigade of the NSU, Dmitry “Diplomat,” emphasized that the statements of Russian officials about Russia’s alleged rights to Ukrainian cities sound very funny, because in order to understand the absurdity of such claims, “it’s enough to go to your own library named after Lenin in Moscow, open maps, history books and read what Rus' is.”

“One of the reasons for the attack on us in 2014 was, among other things, the ignorance of our society , when they talked about “Russian Crimea, about Russian Donbass,” the “Diplomat” noted, adding that you can look at maps, including medieval ones, which were compiled by European travelers, where it is written: “Ukraine.”

“Therefore, I ask you, dear citizens, including residents of Odessa and Kyiv. We know that you all understand that these are just stories of unhistorians and drunks. Don’t pay attention, but get ready and train to adequately repel these scum,” concluded Dmitry “Diplomat.”

Recall that the day before the Center for Countering Disinformation reported that Russia does not yet have the resource for an offensive neither in Kyiv nor in Odessa.

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