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The Ministry of Agrarian Policy explained who can compensate for the surplus through grain distribution in Poland

As a result of the protests of Polish farmers at the cordon from the vandalized cars on the tracks, the d 160 to 180 tons Ukrainian grain went straight to Morocco. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy has announced that all honorable mentions will be made from the discounts.

Saying this, the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Visotsky, informs RBC-Ukraine that he has sent to broadcast the telethon u.

Vin respected , that the destruction of private power means the destruction of legislation. The Ukrainian side confirms that Poland began to open up criminal activities as soon as Polish protesters siphoned off Ukrainian grain.

According to Visotsky’s words, “the one who caused the riots is to blame destroy them. This may depend on the results the court either voluntarily” or “is committed to the shortest possible time of transfer of information to the court, justice and full compensation for those who have given them.”

Polish political scientist Jakub Koreyba also commented on this situation I'm in the air, meaning that “Our so-called farmers do not want to change their style of life, and even Poland’s agricultural dominion is not an economy, but an expensive folklore. And they are stealing their class corporate interests in the face of competition from Ukraine.”

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It seems that near Kotomir near Bidgoszcz they completed the collection of Ukrainian grain that was hanging from old railcars on tracks. According to the Polish authorities, 8 out of 40 wagons were opened, and as a result, 160 to 180 tons of Ukrainian grain were consumed. The Polish police reported that the wagons “were opened by third parties”, and fragments of the trimmer were cut.

Later it became known that part of the grain was collected, but about 30 tons were lost at the stake yah. This grain will be disposed of.

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