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The Ministry of Energy reported that there was no shortage of electricity

Outage schedules are not applied.

The Ministry of Energy reported that there is no shortage of electricity

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The Ministry of Energy reported that as of the morning of January 3, there was no shortage of electricity recorded and is not expected for the current day.

The situation is under control. Shutdown schedules do not apply.

Consequences of a massive missile attack on January 2: almost a hundred missiles, 5 dead, 127 wounded, 10 downed Kinzhals

As a result of massive shelling on January 2, high-voltage lines and substations in the Kiev region were de-energized, and there were temporary disruptions in the operation of hydroelectric power stations. As a result, household consumers in Kyiv and the region were de-energized – all were healed.

In the Nikolaev region due to an explosion at the substation, a 150 kV overhead line was disconnected, household consumers were de-energized were promptly healed. At the same time, the generation of 6 wind power plants was reduced – in the evening the work of the stations was resumed.

During an artillery attack on the 110 kV overhead line in the Donetsk region the thermal power plant unit was switched off, and household consumers lost power. Within an hour all subscribers are healed on reserve.


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