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The Navy assessed the capabilities of the Russian Federation in landing troops after the reduction of the 3rd Airborne Forces

Russia's loss of the great landing ship (VDK) “Novocherkassk” after the night targeted attack by the Forces defense of Ukraine in the occupation of Feodosia, that other ships of this type, essentially relied on the ability of the firemen to carry out landings.

This was stated by the commander of the Military-Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vice-Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa, according to reports. є RBC-Ukraine with instructions for “Voice of America.”

In his words, since the beginning of the large-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation, the Ukrainian military forces have already lost three airborne landing forces of the occupiers, as well as a dozen landing ships. Due to the enemy's assistance before the landing, the landing force was replaced by a battalion, then twice.

“Before, two battalions could land at once, but now – one,” said Vin.

The Vice Admiral noted that the enemy’s landing ships are just like ships carrying missiles of the “Caliber” type. priority targets for the ZSU.

So, having added Neizhpapa, through the actions of the Defense Forces, the Russian fleet has now deployed all its bows “Caliber” at Novorossiysk.

“This has become a drawback to this fate. Also a stretch The fate of the stench was detected, including missile carriers, landing ships, patrol ships, concentrated them near Feodosia and Novorossiysk,” said the commander of the ZSU Navy.

The destruction of the airborne landing ship “Novocherkassk”

I guess, in the night before the 26th century in the occupied Feodosia, the great Russian landing ship “Novocherkassk” was destroyed.

The commander of the Airborne Forces Mikola Oleshchuk confirmed the enemy of the airborne landing ship with missiles, and at least the frames were widening heavy detonation on board.

Also in the evening, the second day received information that after the strikes on the Russian “Novocherkassk”, two Russian ships left the Feodosia Bay.

RBC-Ukraine has collected all the information about the destruction of the Russian ship from its material.

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