• 18/07/2024 13:46

The NBU was ahead of the negative influx on the foreign exchange market due to the delay with the help of Ukraine

Nutrition from Ukraine in the EU and USA may be available nearby months. There is a negative impact on the currency market and exchange rate stability.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the meeting sent to the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the NBU on the 13th, at the hour when the decision was made reduce the regional tax rate from 16 up to 15%.

As participants in the discussion noted, the risks for inflationary development and exchange rate stability in the minds of the war are no longer significant, and actions were often implemented. In order to protect ourselves from the issue of external financial assistance to Ukraine, the insignificance of the lines and obligations of further obligations is being preserved. Ukraine's support budgets for 2024 on the side of key partners – the EU and the USA – have not yet been confirmed.

“This problem, most likely, will continue in the coming months. The foundation for this, finally, is the successful completion of another revision of the IMF program “Expanded Financing Facility” for Ukraine and further completion international partners, which is an unknown part of this program,” goes to reported.

As stated by the NBU, Ukraine’s international reserves will reach at least 39 billion dollars and will be sufficient to maintain control over exchange rate dynamics.

“However, the tightening of the international financial support may have a negative impact on the investments, and therefore, additional flow on the currency. Apparently, the NBU is taking action so as not to harm the security of the country. “no exchange rate stability and moderate inflation,” the NBU reported.

Assistance to Ukraine

Guess what, the US Congress has expressed inconsistency with the US Congress’ praised aid package for Ukraine worth 60 billion dollars, as well as the EU package for 2024-2027 worth 50 billion euros. The Senate plans to consider the aid package for Ukraine in Sichna. ЄС turn to nutrition about help from the fierce one after the package was blocked by Ugorshchina.

Earlier, the head of the NBU Andriy Pishny stated that the chest was realizing the rhythmicity of needing help from Ukraine. “Rhythmicity is possible, but we are not ready to confirm that sufficiency is important, so that the commitment to financial assistance is encouraged,” said Pishny.

Currently, the NBU is looking at the Renewal of the rhythm of foreign financing in the near future. The foundation for this, and the successful completion of another revision of the IMF program, is the Extended Facility Facility (EFF) for Ukraine and the various commitments of international partners, which is an unknown part of the program mi.

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