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The New York Attorney General was working hard to seize Donald Trump's assets.

The New York Attorney General's Office filed a lawsuit in Westchester County for the confiscation of a golf resort and cotton wool Donald Trump's Seven Springs map. The decision was praised as part of the investigation into the civil secrecy of the ex-president.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post on The Hill.

It is noted that the court decision of the Prosecutor General was submitted to the office of Westchester County 6 bereznya.

Judge Arthur Yengoron, who has taken care of the large-scale civil process in order to fight against Trump and his business, officially blamed his decision a little more than that. It ruled that Trump, the Trump Organization and top managers, including two of Trump's sons – Eric and Donald Jr. – are liable for fraud after the President's move to cut back taxes and insurance ilg. He ordered him to pay $464 million, plus hundreds.

Trump still has several days to find the money to pay this amount before New York Attorney General Letitia James can begin seizing his assets. If the ex-president enters the outpost, the court's decision will be automatically suspended, and we will file an appeal against Yengoron's decision.

Attorney General James said that since Trump does not have any costs to pay off the court decision, her office intends to joke about the “mechanisms of the Primus Viconnan of the court decision in court.”

The execution of the court decision in the districts, where Trump will remain in peace, є first krok until you try it. In New York, having gone through the trial, the decision had already been made. There are famous former presidents at 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower.

On February 18, Trump's lawyers learned that he was unable to secure a new appeal through the marriage of the preparation in his hands, despite the “old zeusilla.” They also asked the court to accept a settlement of $100 million.

The insurance broker they consulted, Geri Julietti, wrote in a letter that the Trump Organization invests the majority of its assets with non-residents. rukhomіst, what to do? removal of the appeal clause in full obligation to “practical impossibility”.

The nature of the OFIC General Prosecutor Crossing the solids of the solid, having declared the rules in the appeal of the state, the rules of the state, Yaka b mixed the Trump for a single guarantor for the whole of the fate of the ship's roshennya, the lain-out of the Rizik be a hubby guarantor “.

The state also stated that Judge Yengoron respects that Juliette does not deserve to be trusted through “specialties and professional affairs with Donald Trump that are disturbing.”

The extreme term of payment of the force is 464 million dollars – according to not enough , 25 February.

Criminal reports against Trump

91 criminal offenses have been brought against Donald Trump for several years on the right. Zokrema, please pay 130 thousand dollars to the porn actor Stormy Daniel, try to collect the results of the 2020 presidential elections to the rock that illegally disposed of secret information after losing the presidency, and also different.

24 severe judgments for the state of New -York Arthur Engoron officially called on Trump to pay 454.2 million dollars after he was found guilty of manipulated power capital from the civil law about the shah.

15 Bereznya judicial review from the law about the shah ex-president's paradise suspended for 30 days. The hearing was scheduled for the 25th of March, but will now take place no earlier than the end of the holiday.

Days later, Trump returned to one organization that had previously been found guilty of deception, with complaints to help cover his outpost at the police station. civil society in the state New York.

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