• 23/07/2024 22:24

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe increased by 320 thousand people over the year

The largest number of Ukrainians are in Germany.

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe increased by 320 thousand people over the year

There are more than 4.1 million Ukrainian job seekers in Europe

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This was announced by the director of the EU Asylum Agency Nina Gregory in the publication of the German media group Funke, Ukrinform reports.

According to Nina Gregory, at the end of October there were 4.16 million Ukrainians registered in the EU, who enjoy temporary protection. This is 320 thousand more people than in January of this year.

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By the end of October, there were about 1.17 million Ukrainian refugees in Germany, Poland, which was in second place, had 957 thousand Ukrainians.

Gregory noted that Ukrainians do not need to apply for asylum to obtain protected status. In particular, in Germany, Ukrainians are immediately integrated into the system of civil benefits, they are allowed to work immediately and have access to the employment service.

  • Czech President Petr Pavel signed changes to the law “lex Ukraine” regulating the status of Ukrainians who found refuge from the Russian invasion. The law also provides for the provision of financial support to refugees with temporary protection status upon their return to Ukraine. The amount of this support has yet to be determined by the Czech government.
  • The Swedish government has decided that additional categories of people will receive temporary protection in Sweden. This applies to Ukrainian citizens who are legally in Sweden, but have not yet received any protection.
  • The European Commission has decided to allocate more than 65 million euros to Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania, which have provided asylum to Ukrainian refugees from Russian aggression.


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