• 18/07/2024 12:46

The occupiers fired at Gulyaypole, Zaporozhye region, at night, wounded – OVA

During the day, the Russian army shelled the region more than 120 times.

Archival photo

The Russian army shelled the Zaporozhye region 127 times in 24 hours. At night, Gulyaypole was covered with artillery fire, a residential building in the city was partially destroyed, and wounded.

“At night, the enemy fired again Gulyaypole. As a result of the artillery strike, a wounded city resident, a partially destroyed residential building, and fires broke out,” said the head of the Zaporozhye regional military administration, Ivan Fedorov.

He added that law enforcement officers continue to evacuate residents from the front-line territories.

“Over the past 24 hours, two people – from Stepnogorsk and from Gulyai-Polye – decided to leave for a safe place,” Fedorov said.

  • During the day, the Russians carried out five missile and 113 air strikes and carried out 135 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems. There were wounded civilians and damage to infrastructure.
  • Air strikes hit 17 settlements, more than 110 came under artillery fire.
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  • Also on the night of February 13, the Russian Federation struck infrastructure and energy facilities in the Dnieper. Fortunately, there were no casualties.


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