• 12/07/2024 18:17

The occupiers in Sevastopol cut off the water due to “pollution” and declared a holiday

Interruptions in the supply of tap water in the city began on January 19.

Radio Liberty reports this.

The Russian-controlled “chairman” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, declared days off on January 23 and 24 due to problems with water supply that arose after bad weather on January 19. And on January 22, he announced a “shortened working day.”

According to Razvozhaev, on January 24 at 20:00 the water supply in the city should be resumed.

Interruptions in the supply of tap water in Sevastopol began January 19. In one night, a third of a month's rainfall fell in the city and surrounding areas, leading to massive flooding. The situation was worsened by the rapid melting of snow in the Crimean mountains due to sharp warming.

Due to bad weather, the waterworks feeding the city were polluted.

Recall that earlier the infidels evacuated 100 people from near Sevastopol -for “destroying the missile.”


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