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The occupiers plan to resume offensive operations in the Seversky direction, – Syrsky

The Russian army continues assault operations in the Kupyansky, Limansky and Bakhmutsky directions.

The occupiers plan to resume offensive operations in the Seversky direction, — Syrsky

<' Yansky, Limansky and Bakhmutsky directions, however, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are inflicting significant losses on the Russians, and also plans to resume offensive operations in the Seversky direction.

This is reported by the commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Alexander Syrsky.

“The occupiers are not abandoning attempts to oust our units from the Kupyansky forest and capture Sinkovka, pursuing the goal of blocking Kupyansk. Thanks to the actions of our defenders, the enemy is suffering significant losses. Despite this, they are trying to increase their efforts primarily through human resources,” notes the commander.

On the Liman directionThe enemy is carrying out offensive operations in order to push our troops beyond the Black Stallion River. Carries out intensive artillery attacks. In addition, it is moving additional assault companies from the territory of the Russian Federation to this area and training new assault troops in base camps. He is also trying to clear mine routes.

Serebryansky forestry continues to be one of the areas where the enemy’s main efforts are concentrated. In this direction, unsuccessful attempts are being made to attack our positions with the support of armored vehicles in the directions of Dibrova, Torskoye and Dibrova, Yampol.

“There are preparations for the resumption of the enemy’s offensive operations in the Northern direction. To do this, the enemy is moving “storm” units and forming assault companies,” adds Syrsky. In the Bakhmut area, infidels are making every effort to reach the border of the Seversky Donets – Donbass canal. From the north of Bakhmut, the enemy carries out assault operations in the direction of Bogdanovka, with the involvement of units of the “volunteer corps”, trying to create favorable conditions for the attack on Chasov Yar and restore the lost position in the areas of the cascade of lakes east of Klishchievka and Kurdyumovka, for which he attracts motorized rifle units from the northern fleet. Despite the large-scale offensive actions of the enemy, our soldiers firmly hold defensive lines in all directions and inflict significant losses on the enemy. Earlier, Commander Syrsky noted that the enemy continues to conduct active offensive operations in the Kupyansky forest, trying to break through the defenses of the Ukrainian troops and advance in the direction of Kupyansk.


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