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The occupiers threaten to seize life in the time-occupied territory, – CNS

Under the hour of re-verification of the occupied territories, the Russians are pressing for re-registration yu indestructibility. For failure to comply with this procedure, the death guards threaten to take your life.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its communications to the Center of National Opposition.

As stated in the Central nervous system, the occupiers will continue raids on the time-hour occupation of the territory of Ukraine neither: They check phones for the presence of spying with the Defense Forces and the presence of a Russian passport.

Okrem, the rest of the time, the police pay more and more respect to the execution of documents in accordance with the Russian legislation.

“I that inviolability is not registered conclusively until “It is possible for the enemy to threaten to confiscate and hand over the Russian military, and the Russians who came to work in the occupied territories,” informs the Center for National Opposition.

Settlement of occupiers among Ukrainians

It is significant that occupiers often settle in settlements after the shelling of houses and apartments of Ukrainians in the temporarily buried territories. Often, in such a manner, they settle their special warehouse in places that are quickly occupied.

For example, Russian troops move into a large number of over-the-top buildings in Tokamaku, while huge people are still loitering. Obviously, they are not following their well-known “human shield” tactics and are trying to hide behind people in the face of the Ukrainian forces.

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