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the occupiers use prisoners to supply their troops

In this way, Russians save money on military-industrial complex workers.

The occupiers use prisoners to provide for their troops

Russian prisoners

The Russian government uses military prisoners for work in order to save money on salaries for military-industrial complex workers, reports the Center for National Resistance.

According to CNS sources, the Russian leadership uses prisoners not only to participate in hostilities against Ukraine, but also to ensure the functioning of the military-industrial complex.

“Prisoners are sent to “rear work” throughout country, correctional centers were opened at the Barnaultransmash plant in the Altai Territory, at the Kurganpribor plant, the Chelyabinsk Forging and Press Plant, in the Tula region at the S-Poshiv clothing factory, where they sew military equipment, and also at Uralvagonzavod , which produces tanks,” writes the resistance.

In this way, Russians are trying to save money on military-industrial complex workers, who need to be paid market wages. Prisoners perform these tasks almost for free.

In particular, convicts work throughout the entire sentence and cannot refuse work or choose another; the only alternative is assault groups of the “StormZ” type.


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