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The occupiers will increase the number of PPOs near Sevastopol: the partisans explained the reasons

PROSISSISTY TO POSITION OF PPO in Sevastopoli The appreciation of masked attacks of Ukrainian UAVs. The Russian military is also preparing to confront the Ukrainian sabotage and intelligence groups in Crimea.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with the support of “ATESH” sent to collapse.

Dzherel means that after the extreme ї massed attacks by Ukrainian UAVs, the Russian command ordered an increase in the number of air defense systems over Sevastopol.

The enemy will also be strengthened by the presence of forces to defeat Ukrainian DRGs.

“Based on our information, the Russian command is preparing to counter an attack by Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, for which the coast itself New defense will be strengthened BMP”, – will gain respect in “ATESH”.

Photo: transportation of Russian equipment in occupied Sevastopol (

Partisan activity in occupied Crimea

Recently partisans ” ATESH “recorded the arrival of Russian military equipment in the occupation of Simferopol from Crimea, which could then be transferred to the front.

The partisans also recorded an increase in the forces of the enemy PPO in Crimea after the successful strikes of the Ukrainian Defense Forces on erodrome in the village of Gvardiyske.

In addition, representatives of the Rukh support revealed the location of the expansion of missile depots of the Russian Federation in the territory of occupied Crimea.

For days it became clear that the Rukh support revealed in the occupied Dzhankoy newly arrived depots and equipment for transferring a special warehouse. < /p>

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