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The Ombudsman chaired a meeting of the Working Group on the release of prisoners

Dmitry Lubinets calls on international organizations to visit places where Ukrainians are being held to prevent torture.

Meeting in the Office of the Ombudsman

In the office of the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights, a meeting of the Working Group was held on clause 4 of the Peace Formula, which provides for the release of all prisoners. Ombudsman Dmitry Lubinets spoke about the results of the event on his Telegram page.

30 countries and 4 international organizations took part in the group meeting – the UN, OSCE, Red Cross and the European Union. Lubinets separately thanked Canada and Norway “for their powerful work.”

An important achievement for Ukraine is the visit by Turkish Ombudsman Şeref Malkoç to the prisoner camp where Russians are being held. According to Lubinets, his colleague had the opportunity to make sure that our state acts in full compliance with the Geneva Convention.

The next goal is for international organizations to gain access to the locations of Ukrainian prisoners. The Ombudsman called on the UN and EU committees on the prevention of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment to visit places of detention to make sure that Ukrainian citizens are not subjected to torture.

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