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The order must be restored to creditors’ trust in Ukrainian business, – economist

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to recommend that the National Bank allow Ukrainian I carry to buy currency for the purpose of recovery from closing creditors in order to help companies avoid default and will likely trust partners to Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this after contacting expert Sergiy Gaidai.

“The logic here is simple – to give Ukrainian business the opportunity to service entry and loans, so “In the first place, they and the whole country could receive profitable finance. Without profitable capital, our funding will be immediate, and in the future, both growth and development will be impossible. And without servicing existing loans, no one will give new ones,” said Guy give it.

Experts say that previously there was such a mechanism for business transactions for state-owned companies that received external loans. And he has shown himself to be effective.

Further decisions are made by the National Bank, whose responsibility is to understand the importance of trusting financial institutions entering Ukraine, expert reconciliations.

Early goals and Andriy Pishny stated to the National Bank that The NBU will criticize the strategy of currency liberalization.

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