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The owner of a provider company from the Luhansk region, which broadcasts Russian propaganda, was detained in Kyiv

The man remotely managed the company through his mother, who is a co-owner of the business and lives in the occupation.

In Kiev, the owner of a provider company from the Lugansk region, which broadcasts Russian propaganda, was detained < /> – the software service provider was reported on suspicion of business in interaction with the occupiers. </p>
<p>The Office of the Prosecutor General reports this. </p>
<p>According to the investigation, the suspects are a son and mother, residents of the city of Kadievka, Lugansk region. They are the owners of a local LLC operating in the field of television broadcasting.</p>
<p>The enterprise, even before the seizure of certain territories of the Lugansk region, began broadcasting Russian propaganda television channels in order to spread anti-Ukrainian sentiments among the population.</p>
<p>In the spring of 2015, a woman under the leadership of her son re-registered the company in the occupation authorities and received a certificate from the pseudo-ministry of the “LPR”. Subsequently, by prior agreement with him, she registered the enterprise under Russian law.</p>
<p>The man who left for Kyiv remotely gave orders to his mother regarding further actions and received funds from their illegal activities. Moreover, he granted permission to the enemy to use the data of the provider's subscribers in exchange for unhindered “doing business.” </p>
<p>During searches at his place of residence in the capital, more than 7.5 million hryvnia equivalent was discovered. These funds have been seized.</p>
<p>Currently, both of them have been reported as suspicious. Since the woman is in temporarily occupied territory, she was notified of the suspicion in absentia.</p>
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