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The police explained who should be delivered to the TCC in any cases of stench

National Police spies to deliver citizens to territorial centers are equipped no social support (TCC and SP), because they were deafened by noise.

Maxim Akhramiev, head of the Department of Preventive Activities of the National Police, stated this, informs RBC-Ukraine in a message to Radio Liberty.

Vin reported, what are the police listen to people after entering the TCC data into the information system.

“This brutality intensifies to the members of the National Police, then the police enter information into a single area of ​​the information subsystem of the National Police and begin verification. Posts in the establishment of such individuals is delivered – including delivery – to the nearest shopping center and joint venture with the method of clearing up all the conditions and putting together an administrative to the protocol by the senior officer of the TCC in accordance with Article 210 of the Code of Administrative Offenses,” the senior officer told the NPU department.

According to Akhramev, already at the TCC there is a resolution on administrative violations and the conditions for non-arrival are established for the summons.

If people, before such a resolution is made, can bring up important reasons for non-arrival, then the administrative right is closed Yes. Otherwise, you will be subject to an administrative fine.

“A protocol is drawn up by the senior officer of the TCC and SP, where a review of the document on the merits is made from time to time. And if a person arrives, or immediately at the place, a resolution is made. If the person did not show up due to important reasons, then a resolution The administrative one closes on the right. If the person is not able to explain that she did not show up for important reasons, then a decision is made to impose an administrative fine,” Akhramiev explained.

Fines for failure to appear at the TCC

Guess what, failure to appear at the Territorial Acquisition Center and social support (TCC and SP) for the summons to the administrative department – a fine of 3.4 to 5.1 thousand hryvnia.

In case of military complaints that have rejected the summons, they do not arrive to the district nogo TCC, then nogo dani be transmitted to the National Police for investigation.

For example, the Cabinet of Ministers has submitted to the Supreme Court a bill on mobilization, which proposes to change the procedure for its implementation.

Zokrem, Rada have approved reductions in conscription century to 25 years, to enforce punishment for offenders, as well as to prevent the delivery of summonses in an online format.

Parliament, having already praised the bill from the first reading, is now considering amendments before another reading.

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