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The popularity and the actual “baby pack” in Ukraine has changed: what can one get away from?

Any Ukrainian family that has given birth to a child can be denied assistance from the state – ” pack of baby.” And since the 1st of 2024, the income has increased from 6,816 to 7,689 hryvnia.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a letter sent to the press service of the Ministry of Social Policy.

The storage of the baby box may look similar to the skin of 4 rocks. This is due to the approval of the expert opinion of officials from the received fathers and representatives of UNICEF.

The results of discussions and focus group observations, instead of “packing the baby”, are corrected, insured by the father. c.

The “baby package” has become more rationally equipped: the quantity or quantity of goods for drinking has been increased, for example, rich water-resistant pellets, warm clothes for the little ones (hats and little men), more roses world of blanket-carpet for hand-made knitting, the thickness of the blanket is changed for the smallest size , what kind of baby will quickly grow up (bodysuits, pants-jumpers) too.

Who can take off the “baby pack”

The Ministry of Social Policy agrees that citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreigners and individuals without citizenship who live permanently or temporarily in Ukraine, individuals who are recognized in Ukraine as refugees, or individuals who gave birth to the child, she will demand additional protection.

In the state, both the biological fathers of a newborn child and their adoptive parents, relatives, guardians, adoptive fathers, adoptive fathers, and foster fathers can be removed.

How to remove the “pack” nok baby”

The baby box can be placed in the bed-bed, perinatal center, neonatal center, etc. The form of authority of the medical deposit is unimportant.

As the canopy booth has a daily “baby package”, then within 30 calendar days from the day of birth of the child, you must submit an application through the electronic account of the Ministry of Social Policy. You can also earn money by contacting the social protection authorities of the population and the Center for Administrative Services (TSNAP) for the place of residence.

Payments for national children

The amount of assistance for national children in Ukraine is 41,280 hryvnia b. The fathers will introduce a new amount of payments for the first child, the friend and the third child.

A sum of 10,320 hryvnias is paid at once, and over the next three years the other part of the pennies is paid. That's 860 hryvnia per month.

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