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The Prime Minister of Estonia spoke about the “shepherds” in the Russian war against Ukraine

The Russian Federation is preparing for a troubling war against Ukraine, and aggression Iya trivatime doti, docks near the Kremlin I won’t let you know that I’m not published.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine from the interview of the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas to the newspaper Der Standard.

The head of the government of Estonia, according to The journalist’s nutrition, if the current river does not become the most important for the share of Ukraine, means that the war is troubling. In this context, it was learned about the “shepherd” songs, not carefully placed before they could play into the hands of Moscow.

“It is not our fault to waste the pastures that are placed there in the carnage. Pomilkovo is aware that the war can be quickly won. Russia is preparing for a trivial war. We are concerned until these times, until Russia realizes that we cannot “Could,” said Callas.< /p>

In addition, the Estonian prime minister spoke about the founding of another “shepherd”: this is “faith in those who can build peace.”

“If we wait for the land to be buried, Russia’s needs will be satisfied. It’s not true that everyone will become peaceful,” she respected.

Callas explained that it is also “the shepherd of fear” .

“Russia is at peace. The fourth pitfall lies with us, we can say that our actions provoke the Russians even more. All for nothing. Russia is provoked by weakness, not strength,” she said.

Also Callas the importance of the availability in Ukraine of a sufficient amount of ammunition for the further conduct of combat operations in front of the frontiers was stated.

“The greatest nutrition in war lies in whether you have enough ammunition. That is why we planned to supply a million artillery shells. The Ramstein Coalition may have a budget thirteen times larger than Russia. We are strong ours, and we are also guilty of helping Ukraine to be captured, let them “What do we need. And we can believe in the Ukrainian victory, and not in the narrative that Russia can overcome everything,” the head of the Estonia government said.

Kallas added that the Russian Federation wants allies ” They believed that Ukraine cannot be overcome,” and that the partners may never want to give support. In this case, the inheritance would be “even more dangerous” for the global world.

“We would argue with the world, because what matters is force, not law. It’s not safe at all. Then the aggressor awakens other aggressors. So we can do the same in other regions, in other parts of the world,” she concluded.

A Million of Sleep rows for Ukraine

I guess that since the end of the last century, the European Union has decided to supply Ukraine with millions of shells. They wanted to complete the delivery by the end of 2023, and then by the beginning of 2024. However, the transfer of terms to the establishment will not be realized, for which there will be no additional effort.

As the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba noted, Kiev does not need to be taken away and the number of artillery ammunition from one place – we sell, to ensure the supply of other missiles.

It is possible that earlier the Minister of Defense of Estonia Hanno Pevkur stated that the transfer of about a million shells will be limited until the end of 2024.

Terminova important information about Read the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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