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The Prime Minister of Spain has signed off on his obligations: what is involved

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez praised the decision to win the prize pinity vikonannya of their obov' language on the corruption scandal of his friend.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

“I need to take a pause and think. I also need a response to the question I, chi “It’s better to keep the order in order and to be convinced of this honor,” Sanchez said.

Vin is also encouraging that next Monday he will publicly vote about his decision before he loses his seat in prison Prime Minister, I'm on the way.

According to Reuters, Sanchez issued his statement on the same day, when the Spanish court opened a preliminary investigation into possible corruption by Begon Gomez's squad.

“The court that knows The investigation, without giving any details, is not public. It is also indicated that the court is examining the scum of the anti-corruption organization “Clean Hands,” the leader of any connections with right-wing radicals,” the agency said. єї organizations , the Prime Minister's squad has just begun its influx in order to remove sponsors for the university program, as they know.

“According to Sanchez, the seriousness of his squad calling him out will require an important reaction ii,” the Dzherela added.

Presumably, Sanchez previously stated the need for increased investment in the defense industry on the European level in the face of Russian aggression. Zokrem, in order to increase the potential of the stream and raise the industrial sector to the level that is consistent with the European economy.

Terms and important information about Russia’s war against read the region on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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