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The Rada wants to close the loophole for hijackers: what should be emphasized in the law on mobilization

The parliamentary committee on national security will continue to consider the bill on mobilization. Zokrem, they plan to close the loophole for evaders, if people with disabilities apply for suspicions on a number of special occasions.

As the intercessor of the head of the committee, Yegor Chernev, announced this, RBC-Ukraine informs about the requests for the with the service of the Supreme for the sake of.

“We sensed a problem with people with disabilities and those who look after them. We are now looking for a formula in which people with disabilities will not be spared the necessary look. On the other hand, we can close the gaps ku, how the deeds of cunning act. The stench of knowing people with disabilities, and in one such people there could be, intellectually, nine look-outs. Which is not the case. Only one look-out is to blame,” he said.

For his words, the committee set itself meta: on the one hand, the Vikonati will ask the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, to maintain a balance of rights, freedoms and justice for people.

As soon as the bill is balanced, we will meet at the session hall of the Supreme Court for the sake of, informing the deputy.

District bill on mobilization

It seems likely that on the 7th of February the Verkhovna Rada approved the bill on mobilization at the first reading. The readers planned to take it over from another, but the review and introduction of amendments to the draft law dragged on until the middle of February.

The committee is working without days off. It is already clear that the committee is recommending a rule on blocking rocket boosters. In addition, the head of the “Servant of the People” faction, David Arakhamia, stated that people’s deputies plan to regulate food services in line with the mobilization of surveillance of people from abroad. validity. “Meals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups of people with disabilities will be regulated,” said the deputy from the Servant of the People.

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