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The real terms were given to the traitors who helped the invaders escape and spied on the nuclear power plant.

The men received 8 and 13 years in prison.

Two more enemy henchmen from the Nikolaev and Donetsk regions received real sentences.

“One of them – a collaborator on hunting in the Liman region – received 13 years in prison,” the SBU reported.

According to the investigation, after the occupation of the city, he supported the Russian invaders and helped them “accommodate” in the private houses of fellow villagers who had left to territory controlled by Ukraine. The collaborator also “leaked” the residences of resistance participants in the region to Russian punitive detachments.

In addition, during the liberation of the regional center and neighboring villages, the attacker outlined an escape route for Russian troops through the forests to Kremennaya in the Lugansk region.

He was detained in September 2022 during stabilization measures.

Another convict is a resident of Mykolayiv region. He collected information about the location, number of personnel and available weapons of the Defense Forces guarded by the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant.

The traitor used a messenger to transmit to the Russian special service the locations of electrical substations in the southern region. For secrecy, the amounts were transferred to the bank card of his friend, whom he used “in secret.”

The husband received 8 years in prison.

Both traitors were in custody.

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