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The repayment of Ukrenergo's bonds is critical for the survival of the Ukrainian energy sector, – expert

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through an interview with the Prime Minister's Minister, member of the supervisory board of NEC “Ukrenergo” Yuri Boyk .

“When we talk about the prospect of repaying the debts of the current society, it is crazy that the option of obtaining credit resources is still lost by an order of magnitude, we will be able to handle it,” Boyko said.

In his words, the repayment of the debts of NEC “Ukrenergo” “For generating companies it seems more critical both for the survival of the Ukrainian energy sector and for creating changes in their minds to obtain investment in the development of distributed generation.

“It is clear that loans need to be reversed. But today, if there is food on one side and on the other, it is very possible for other producers to receive any kind of (internal or external) loan ny resource, it is completely obvious that NEK is trying to avoid bankruptcy “, – the minister of the kerivnik explained to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Among other options for repaying the oil and gas industry, he named the establishment of an economically balanced transmission tariff for Ukrenergo, in view of his review of the inclusion of deficits in 2022 and 2023. gorokiv. This, Boyko means, is also a change of mind about extinguishing borgs from the “natural” method.

As it was reported, in the opinion of Anastasia Vereshchinskaya, director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, investors are in love with the energy sector. The countries want to see the country's approved road map Shto Plan Tu Shlyakhiv Borgiv in the Green Enertititzi, Yaka through the ZYA problem is known in the Stan Vihivannya.

Termini that is VIINA ROSINA ROSISA RESALIA READERS RBC -Ukraine on Telegram.

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