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The Russian Army keeps a significant amount of equipment near Kupyansk – Evlash

The enemy has concentrated 500 tanks, 430 artillery systems and 150 MLRS in this direction.

The Russian Army holds a significant amount of equipment near Kupyansk 

<br /> equipment and weapons in the Kupyansk direction, in particular about 500 tanks, 430 artillery systems, 150 MLRS and 650 armored fighting vehicles.</p>
<p>The head of the press service of the eastern group of forces, Ilya Yevlash, spoke about this on the air of a telethon, writes “Mirror of the Week.”</p>
<p>“At the beginning of autumn 2023, the general the number in the Liman-Kupyansk direction at that time was 110 thousand invaders. And this number is in Kupyansk, if we take only this area, it remains there for quite a long time. It should be understood that 42 thousand are not all directly involved in hostilities. This and service units, these are repair battalions, these are cooks, logisticians, engineers, that is, this is a large number of people who are generally present in this area,” Evlash emphasized.</p>
<p>The representative notes that about 500 are concentrated in this area tanks, 430 artillery systems and 150 MLRS. </p>
<p>Yevlash also informed that during the day the invaders carried out eight air strikes and carried out 489 attacks on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions, and 22 clashes occurred in the Kupyansk-Liman direction.</p>
<li>On January 8, Alexander Syrsky reported that the Russians are trying to advance to Kupyansk every day. On January 18, he said that they were trying to capture Sinkovka. </li>
<li>The city of Kupyansk, Kharkov region, liberated back in 2022, the Russians are trying to re-occupy. This settlement is important from a logistics point of view. </li>
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