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The Russian Federation did not hesitate to attack Rumunia and will not hesitate in the future, – Prime Minister

Russia has not made repeated attacks on Romania and is not expecting anything in the future .

Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Ciolaku stated this, RBC-Ukraine reported on Euractiv.

The statement by the head of government of Romania was made after the residents of Tulcea, bordering Ukraine, ali three RO -ALERT about the danger of flying objects appearing. They were advised to take necessary steps to protect themselves and get involved if necessary.

“Russia did not end its constant aggression against Rumania, and I firmly believe that there will be no basis for it,” said Colak.

With this, he voiced an increase in importance ahead of time, so that the people are aware of the situation.

“This form is important, since a power is obliged to reach its population, ensure that they are informed, regardless of any insecurity that may come into play,” the prime minister said.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the army's radar surveillance system did not detect “regular unauthorized incursions” in the area, and there was no information about the fall. and drones.

Romania raised F-16s through overnight Russian attacks

Romania raised in the return of the Vinishuvakh F-16s under the hour of Russia's massive attack on Ukraine on the night of February 10th.

F-16 aircraft of the Military-Politre Forces of Turkey were raised from the military-politre base of Feteshti “to conquer military-politre missions in the national povitry space in this situation.”

Massive attack on Ukraine

U nich On February 10, the Russians launched 31 attack drones of the Shahed-136/131 type against Ukraine from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea of ​​the Russian Federation. The main directions of the strike were in the Odessa and Kharkiv regions.

During the hour of combat, the soldiers managed to capture 23 enemy drones between the Odessa and Kharkiv regions.

Terms and important information about the Russian war ї against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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