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The Russian Federation fired 158 missiles and drones into Ukraine: Zaluzhny Rospov, how many were killed

Russian terrorists launched 158 missiles and drones across Ukraine on the 29th Ikaze. The Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense defeated over 100 enemy targets.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a message sent to the head commander of the ZSU Valery Zaluzhny on Telegram.

From the beginning of the occupiers, Ukraine was attacked by “martyrs” from Russia night and day – straight forward. The drones crashed at the approaching point. Usyogo recorded the launches of 36 drones. PPO shot down 27 attack drones from the enemy.

Around 3:00 the occupiers raised strategic aircraft from the sky – 18 Tu-95MS bombers. At about 6:00 they arrived at the launch line and launched at least 90 air-based missiles Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55.

In the Kursk region at 5:00 Tu-22M3 bombers launched all flying Kh-22/Kh-32 missiles directly from the ground and central regions.

At the same time, the Russians launched a strike on Kharkov with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. Zagalom fired at least 14 missiles, which flew along a ballistic trajectory – S-300/S-400/Iskander-M from occupied Crimea, Kursk and Belgorod regions of the Russian Federation.

At about 6:30 from the Astrakhan region, five MiG-31K aircraft fired five Kh-47M2 Kindzhal missiles. Also from the Su-35 tactical aircraft, 4 Kh-31P anti-radar missiles and one Kh-59 were deployed.

As Zaluzhny was designated, that night the occupiers fired a total of 158 missiles of various types and strike them drones. The PPO forces killed 27 “shaheds” and 87 missiles Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55.

The ZSU forces called today’s attack on the enemy a massive attack from the ground.

Massive attack

Russian terrorism During the night they attacked Ukraine with missiles and kamikaze drones. “Poliots” were recorded in Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnieper, and Sumy region. According to other data, as a result of the attacks, 10 people died in Ukraine, dozens were injured.

For more details about the massive attack, read our material.

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