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The Russian Federation is attacking on three fronts in order to reduce Ukraine’s defense capabilities in the minds of the weak army, – ISW

Russian military will operate promptly in three directions, which are not limited by a strong strategic method , Ale to allow the pay to the paymures of the tactful reached one of the sectors for їkhnim vibor, hide in the vene institute Vivchennya Vіei (isw). Ukrainian forces will need to put in more effort to defend against these Russian forces if the United States continues to rely on military assistance and respect experts.

They admit that Russia is working on Limansky, Chasivyarsky and Pokrovsky directly to re-examine important goals from the operational point of view, but these operations do not support one another, and the Russian military is still It means to vary accents between different directions, and not focus on all three at the same time .

Ukrainian forces are aware of a significant shortage of both artillery shells and anti-aircraft defense capabilities, and Russian forces are fighting against them.

In the opinion of the ISW, the Russian forces are probably not able to carry out more than one effective large-scale operation at one time, as was the case before, now they are fighting a number of offensive zusils in order to reduce the defense capabilities of Ukraine in There are no shortage of thoughts in our minds. The occupiers are threatening the Ukrainians to redeploy their defense resources in the theater of operations, thus creating a spill in the world that can quickly occur.

I guess, yesterday, the 13th quarter, the head commander of the ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky said The situation on the similar front became complicated in the remaining days. The enemy is actively attacking our positions on Limansky, Bakhmutsky directly with assault groups supported by armored vehicles.

Several days ago, ISW reported about the penetration of Russian occupiers near Kreminna Lugansk region; for the daytime sunset from Bakhmut and for the daytime sunset from Donetsk, Donetsk region.

The hour of drying under the Chasovy Yar is not fixed at all.

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