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The Russian pilot gave up his colleagues from the GUR after the attack on Okhmatdit, – Dzherela

Russian pilot of the 22nd important bomber aviation division and passing on information about his colleagues to Ukrainian intelligence. They themselves will gradually bombard Ukrainian places with Kh-101 missiles.

An informed source informed RBC-Ukraine about this.

As it turned out, one of the pilots of the 22nd bombard was sent to the power steering Uvalnoi aviation division of military unit 06987, which is based at the Engels airfield.

A Russian wrote to a Ukrainian intelligence chatbot that he and several of his colleagues were shocked by the blow to the children's medicine And they don’t understand why they are hesitant to attack civil infrastructure of Ukraine. Through this, we decided to transfer to the Ukrainian side documents related to the activities of its military unit, as well as private photos of the command warehouse of the 22nd important bomber aviation division.

>According to Dzherel's data, the first analysis of the excreted materials shows them extreme importance. Among the information provided are documents from special certificates of the senior officer's warehouse, personal data of Russian military services and their homelands. The most valuable are the stamped documents of the 22nd important bomber aviation division.

Shelling of “Okhmatdita” 8 line

On Monday, 8 line, the Russian Federation launched a massive attack across the territory of Ukraine. Under the shelling, Kiev was under attack, and one of the missiles attacked the Okhmatdit medical plant.

Pisnishe The Security Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) called for an emergency meeting to discuss the masquerading shelling of the enemy. A year ago, the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, stated that Russia was trying to block Ukraine’s participation in the initiated meeting in connection with the massive missile attack on the 8th.

Already on the 10th, it became known about the first child who died, was in intensive care under hour of shelling.

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