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The Russian tank is firing at its own side. Near Bakhmut, the DPSU defeated the assault on the enemy

Ukrainian guards resisted the assault of the invaders near Bakhmut. They succeeded in defeating the Russian infantry and capturing two tanks, and the third, after being captured according to the new one, started “friendly fire.”

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications with the DPSU.

” They destroyed two tanks and destroyed the infantry: the guardsmen of the Pomsta brigade, together with the Ukrainian Defense Forces, defeated the assault of the occupiers near Bakhmut,” we are informed.

Zokrema, according to the guardsmen, one “panzernik” was captured with a missile from “Stugni”, and the other knocked out the anti-tank forces of the Defense Forces.

“The third battle, the “panzernik” became disorganized and began to fire at their positions. Using FPV drones, the Ukrainian fighters finished off the destroyed vehicles, as well as Their crews and assault hunting , that they were trying to get in,” added the Derzhprikordon service.

Situation at the front

In Ukraine, at the front, 83 combat operations were achieved. The enemy launched more than 100 air strikes and continued to storm Avdiivka and low adjacent settlements.

Zokrema, as specified by the Institute of Military Warfare, the occupiers are planning to push through near Bakhmut and occupy over 15% of Avdiivka. In addition, at the front there are positional battles on the line Kup'yansk – Svatove – Kreminna and at the entrance of the Zaporizhzhya region.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine nor read on the RBC channel -Ukraine on Telegram.

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