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The Russians are advancing. What is happening near Kup'yansky that is a threat to Kharkov

Russian forces became more active on Kup'yansky directly. The enemy plans to penetrate from at least two sides, forcing battles in the area of ​​Sinkivka, Krokhmalny and Tabaivka.

Report on the situation near Kup'yansky, as well as on possible threats of a further attack on Kharkiv region, – materials from RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: information from the General Staff of the ZSU, an analyst from the American Institute of Warfare (ISW), the Ukrainian project DeepState, statements from Ukrainian speakers in those representatives of power, comments by expert Oleksandr Musienko.


  • Russia’s attack on Kup’yansk: what is known and why at the same time
  • Sinkivka, Krokhmalne and Tabaivka. The situation at the front
  • There is a threat to the Russian offensive on Kharkov

Russia's offensive on Kup'yansk: what is known and why

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleg Sinegu, spoke about the renewal of the intensive offensive operations of the Russians under Kup'yansk in the days bov. There are two points – Sinkivka (about 7 km on the daytime exit from Kup'yanska) and Tabaivka (about 20 km on the daytime exit from the district center).

“We have two serious directions: this is Sinkivka and Tabaivka. This (Tabaivka, – ed.) is another direction, a little bit of the new place of Kup’yansk, which is also important, but not the surface of control by our Armed Forces,” said Sin Egubov.

Photo: Russians are trying to attack Kup'yansk from two directions (deepstatemap.live)

Riverman of the Land Forces Volodymyr Fityo confirmed the activity at the gathering. In his words, in just 27 days, 16 attacks were defeated on the Liman-Kupyansk axis, during which the enemy lost nearly 40 kamikaze drones and fired over 650 artillery and mortar strikes. Ukrainian soldiers lost over 260 occupiers and 62 units of military equipment. This is to say that the Russians are trying to attack, looking for weak spots in our defense. And about those who directly Kup'yanska loses priority for the enemy.

“Nearby Sinkivka and Tabaivka are planning to continue their offensive operations. It is a great waste of technology to note that the offensive is actively underway with the most advanced enemy technology,” Fityo said. adding that the enemy has no strategic successes at the gathering.

< p dir="ltr">Kerivnik Center for Civil-Legal Investigations Oleksandr Musienko expresses his respect to those who have become active in the vicinity of Kup'yansky after the transfer of enemy reserves. Zokrema, there is one of the updated tank armies.

“Why is it so special about the change in the situation? Previously, the commander of the Ground Forces of the ZSU and the grouped “Khortytsia” Oleksandr Sirsky said that it was important to attack the assault corrals without equipment, then immediately the equipment appeared and the weather minds allowed the dew we must stand still, and it’s obvious “The goal is to develop success not only from Sinkivka, but also from Krokhmalny and Tabaivka,” according to a commentary from RBC-Ukraine.

In my opinion, this scenario was predicted, our forces were prepared for this, and proper defense allows us to keep the situation under control, repel attacks and prevent the enemy from developing operational-strategic success.

Sinkivka, Krokhmalne and Tabaivka. Situation at the front

For many months now, Russians have not been launching an assault on the village of Sinkivka for many kilometers away from Kup'yanska. There is no reason to allow the enemy to enter the outskirts of a place that is strategically important for both sides and, obviously, the devil’s activation of the enemy’s actions is directly on the target.

For now, without meaning, reach. The American Institute of Warfare (ISW) indicates that the Russians are conducting offensive operations, and positional battles will continue in the Sinkovka and Petropavlovka areas. The Ukrainian project DeepState records frequent successes in the forest at the entrance to Sinkivka, against Ukrainian forces, or at the entrance to the stabilization and renewal of positions.

Photo: the enemy has been trying to push through the defense forces of Sinkivka for many months now, but without success (deepstatemap.live)

According to Musienko, right now the Russians are trying to achieve three tasks.

“First, they are looking for the possibility of reaching a union with the grouped forces, as if they are attacking Limansky directly. The other is to develop success and reach the Oskol River and the Oskol reservoir. The third is to bring our grouping into Iysk, who is conducting a defense operation on Directly to Kupyansky,” the expert explained.

Alarming news is coming from the snowy flank. Last year it became known that the village of Krokhmalne had been buried. This is a small village with a pre-war population of 45 people, control over which was restored in the spring of 2022 as part of the Kharkov offensive operation. Narasi won became the first populated area to be buried by Russians in 2024.

The departure from Krokhmalny was confirmed by the command of the Ground Forces ZSU. According to Fityo, this was built to save the lives of the inhabitants, who went ahead to prepare a position a few minutes before entering the village. At the same time, he stated that such a situation will not threaten the strength of the Ukrainian forces in Kotlyarivtsi and Kislivtsi.

Over the weekend, Russian military publications reported about the dumping of food in the village of Tabaivka on the way out from Krokhmalny. Zokrem, by forces of units of the 47th Tank Division (1st Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District). It was also reported that there were no burials of noble heights in this area, and “Z-voenkory” expanded the map, which shows Tabaivka under the control of the Russian Federation. Today, the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor region announced the burials.

DeepState analysts say that the defense forces did not allow the enemy to gain a foothold in the village; to push the Russians to the brink Tabaivki. Prote until the further development of the village on the map was transferred to the “siru zone”.

Photo: the village of Tabaivka moved to the “cir zone” “, unless it was buried by the Russians (deepstatemap.live)

” Those that the enemy boasts about Tabaevka in their public pages does not indicate effectiveness. There will be military actions there, obviously, Tabaevka’s thirst is not an enemy burying “That’s why such minimal exposure on this territory is all that the building zagarbniks are for,” Volodymyr Fityo told the Russians.

He also added that Ukrainian commanders praise the decision with an emphasis on saving the lives of the military. And since the Defense Forces have the opportunity to occupy more strategic positions, then move on to offensive actions and improve the tactical position, which will be consolidated.

Significantly, the geography of Tabaivka is a weak point in the context of careful control over the village. You will be in the lowlands between two ridges and it will be difficult to climb there without controlling the mountain heights.

“This population center is even smaller, lower Krokhmalne. It is located in a very unmanageable disarray – at the bottom and there is a swampy place, therefore, right in the middle of the place – it means immediately turning into a target at the shooting range. Positions will be held there fighting, and ours are trying to fight the Russians. It’s too early to believe the Russian public, it’s our fault to understand that they are trying to convey how I will triumph,” said the speaker of the Ground Forces.

Oleksandr Musienko explains the importance of this sector by the fact that there is a road P-07 from Kup'ianska to the occupied place of Svatove (Luhansk region). In my opinion, the Russians want to take control of it and wedge themselves into the Ukrainian defense.

“And then it will be necessary to determine the nature of the offensive actions. The global goal is not to collapse when approaching closer to Oskol. Well, pershochergova meta – to establish control over the road with a further exit to the day or to Kup'yansk-Vuzlovy”, – indicating wine.

This is a threat to the Russian Federation’s attack on Kharkiv

It is significant that the current British newspaper The Telegraph came out with material, the main focus of which was the preparation of a possible Russian attack on Kharkiv. Vidannya was in awe of the intense attacks on the regional center and adjacent settlements. The Telegraph wrote that the ground operation could have begun on the 15th.

A representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Andriy Chernyak, commented on RBC-Ukraine, confirming the build-up of Russian forces on the Kupyansky direct. At the same time, a sign of preparation for an imminent attack on Kharkov was raised.

Volodymyr Fito, a riverman of the Ground Forces of the ZSU, noted that the appearance of the strike fist is preceded by a large robot, which cannot pass unnoticed. Let's stand in the middle of the day “Kharkiv will be seen in a moment.” There were also rumors from Russians about their future attempts to create a “buffer zone” of 15 km near the front line for attacks on Belgorod. Moreover, as soon as there are threats to Kharkov, the Russians are considering the option of attacking from the night, and not from the side of Kup'yansk.

“The number of Russian armies that can stand on the snow cordon, as a result there are “The war is currently ongoing in the so-called online mode. It is practically impossible to create a transfer of forces and abilities for both sides… Therefore, for the Kharkivians there is no threat right now,” Fito said for days.

< p dir="ltr">Tim no less, while the fighting is going on, one cannot underestimate the enemy. The head of the Kharkiv OVA, Oleg Sinegubov, did not exclude that the Russians could launch a broader attack on the Kharkiv region. He also noted that the local government and military authorities are ready for any scenarios.

Expert Oleksandr Musienko speaks: The defense forces should be weakened in order to improve the boundaries and the situation under control under the general's control Sirsky, which is often near Kup'yansky.

“As far as I know, it is also reinforced by the forces that give the ability to strengthen the enemy and, at the very least, strengthen him, having defeated the attacks and having revealed him, it is possible to create a change of mind for the transition to local counterattacks from our side,” indicating wine from Russia RBC-Ukraine.

In his words, in the past, everything was already working for someone. And even with active military operations, the stinks can be quite disturbing for a month.

“I think that more such battles are expected on us. And then with the settlement of expenses, as the enemy knows, the activity of the Russians is coming “We can go into decline,” said Vin.

At any time, it is still too early to talk about the Russians coming to the far bank of Oskol and a further attack on Kharkov.

< p dir="ltr">“Judging from the position of the enemy, from the fact that they loaded a direct line to Kupyansky, and from the fact that behind the directions to Kharkiv (at the Slobozhansky Dilyantsi – ed.) there is no recorded increase in hostile forces, about there is no threat to Kharkov itself. That’s for sure,” the expert added.

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