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The Russians are trying to attack in the Orekhovsky direction

The enemy is destroyed.

During the day, in the zone of the operational-strategic group of troops “Tavria”, the Russians carried out 54 airstrikes, carried out 1,151 artillery attacks, and two dropped ammunition with a chemical substance from drones.

They also hit 103 kamikaze drones and carried out 47 assault actions. OSUV commander Alexander Tarnavsky reported that the enemy unsuccessfully attacked in the Orekhovsky direction.

“Here the enemy is trying to move personnel not only in small infantry groups, but also on high-speed ATVs. The enemy is hit by fire, the enemy is destroyed,” he said.

Total losses . Russians during the day on February 20 amounted to more than 500 people, six tanks, more than 34 armored vehicles, six artillery systems, one multiple launch rocket system, 12 cars and an ATV.

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