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The Russians attacked two energy facilities near the Lviv region

Russian occupiers attacked the Lviv region on the night of the 27th quarter. The energy industry was under attack.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a message sent to the head of the Lviv OVA by Maxim Kozitsky on Telegram.

Having identified the wine, the Russians headed straight to the Lviv region to attack missiles of various types and “Kinjali”. The PPO forces shot down three missiles.

Vorog attacked two critical energy infrastructure facilities near the Striysky and Chervonogradsky districts. There they became burnt, they were liquidated, and there was ruin.

Civil infrastructure and civilians were not damaged.

Kozitsky noted that the area’s life-safety systems are operating as normal. There is no mention of emergency power outages.

To avoid the stagnation of daily power outages, the OVA head should be surrounded by electrical appliances from 19:00 to 22:00. Let's talk about energy-intensive equipment – air conditioner, electric kettle, gunpowder, boiler, heater, sanding machine, washing machine, microwave oven, electric stove.

New attack of Russia

Russia went into lockdown on the 27th quarter a new massive attack on Ukraine. The occupiers fired 34 missiles of various types, including Kinjali. PPO forces shot down 21 missiles.

The Zagarbniki attacked energy facilities in the Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions. DTEK reports that several thermal power plants were attacked. Information about the victims.

For more details about the results of the night attack, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram .

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