• 16/07/2024 04:27

The Russians hit the rescue training ground in the Kharkov region

Fortunately, there were no wounded or dead.

At night, the Russian army attacked the territory of the training ground of the State Emergency Service with drones. There were no casualties or injuries.

The one-story administrative building of one of the educational institutions was destroyed. Structural elements of the floor and roof of this building were also on fire, the State Emergency Service reported.

The area of ​​the fire was about 150 sq.m.

The Russians hit the rescue site in the Kharkov region Kharkov region

< p>“Two departments of the rescue service on tanker trucks were involved in eliminating the consequences of the enemy attack. Firefighters promptly extinguished the fire and prevented the flame from spreading to other buildings and coniferous forest,” the message says.

At night, the Russians attacked the State Emergency Service training ground

  • Yesterday, the Russians struck Borovaya, Kharkov region, as a result of which a man was killed and seven more people were injured. Among they were three children. The Russians repeated the attack on the populated area at night.


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