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The Russians shelled the Sumy region en masse, two policemen were killed

As a result of Russian shelling, almost 300 explosions occurred in the Sumy region.

Consequences of the Russian shelling of the Sumy region (archive photo) Miropolskaya, Belopolskaya, Krasnopolskaya, Velikopisarevskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Shalyginskaya, Es Manskaya, Seredino-Budskaya, Znob-Novgorodskaya, Sveskaya and Druzhbovskaya communities of the Sumy region.

This was reported by the pre-service of the Sumy OVA.

In total, during the day the Russians carried out 59 attacks, during which 296 explosions.

As a result of the shelling of the Khotyn community, 2 National Police officers were killed and 6 were injured.

The Russians fired at the Yunakovskaya community with artillery, mortars, KABs and drones.

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The Russian army beat the Krasnopolsky community with mortars, artillery, rockets from a helicopter and drones.

The infidels attacked the Sredino-Buda community with drones, artillery, mortars and MLRS, wounded two local residents.

The Russian military fired missiles from airplanes at the Druzhbovskaya and Sveskaya communities, and fired at the Esmani community with KABs and machine gun fire.

The Russians also fired at Znob with rockets from an airplane, mortars and artillery. The Novgorod community.

The Russian army attacked the Belopol community with drones, MLRS, mortars and artillery.

The Shalygin community was also fired at with mortars and artillery.

The Russians fired at the Miropol community from artillery, and Velikopisarevskaya from mortars.

In addition, the Russian invaders attacked the Novoslobodskaya community with MLRS, artillery and mortars.

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