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The Russians yesterday attacked Kramatorsk with X-22 missiles, – OVA

Rosіyani attacked the Kimator in SUBOTE, 17 pore, frenzy, foul, frenzy. Kimi wiped missiles of the Kh-22 dilute basement. As a result of the strike, there were casualties among the population of the place.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with the dispatch of Vadim Filashkin to the head of the Donetsk OVA.

“Yesterday night, the Russians fired 3 X-22 missiles at the site Two women, 45 and 74 years old, and a man, 23 years old, died. Two houses were completely destroyed, 137 were damaged,” the regional official said.

Vin added that outside the private sector, this was damaged. there were trades. And also showing what the stink looks like after shelling.

“To bring this cynical evil of the Russians to the fore: in the Donetsk region they have not lost absolutely safe places. I ask everyone: be responsible! Evacuate promptly,” adding Filashkin.

Shelling of Kramatorsk and Slovyanska

On the evening of the 17th, the Russian army struck Kramatorsk and Slovyanska in the Donetsk region.

The Russians fired three missiles at Kramatorsk. We visited the industrial zone and private sector. At Sloviansku the shell was taken from the school. As they reported in the OVA, there could be people under the rubble in both places.

Today’s lie it became clear that through the shelling near Slovyanska they died safely, and at Kramatorsk, from under the rubble, bodies were recovered 46 times and women that is the 23-river syn. Also, during the search and ritual operations in Kramatorsk, they found the body bars of apparently dead women.

In addition, friends of pensioners were taken to the hospital to repair the injuries.

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