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The SAPS has revealed how Knyazev and Kolomoisky’s certificates are being revealed

Vsevolod Knyazev may be sent to trial in the near future to the Supreme Court. The right-wing attack on PrivatBank and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is still at an intermediate stage.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in response to the application of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office Oleksandr Klymenko It's time for the briefing.

Kerivnik SAP for the food of the RBC-Ukraine correspondent VIDPOVI, who gave a hundred pounds of head to the Supreme Court of Knyazev– materials are transferred for review by the parties to the zakhist, the term for review of boundaries is up to 1 month. Then they will be handed over to the court.

The pre-trial investigation is problematic for many other persons involved. Klymenko cares what fate there will be residual results.

Should please PrivatBank SAPO will give the final decision to the Supreme Court.

“If you check with PrivatBank, at this time the middle part of the decision is being discredited, which was adopted at the first instance and was subject to the appeal of the VAKS. Doctors who were the law Having successfully changed the breast, I think that we are waiting for the final decision of the Supreme Court “And we will continue to work on all sorts of charges from this right,” said Klymenko.

On the right of Knyazev

15 May law enforcement officers caught the head of the Supreme Court Knyazev in a swag near the world 2.7 million dollars. The swag is related to the decisions on the profit of businessman Kostyantin Zhevago at the information about the Poltava Sugar-Saving Plant.

Knyazev was given a new lease of life, and was sidelined in the current justice system until the 6th quarter of 2024.

For more details about Knyazev’s justice, read the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Kolomoisky’s right

Nagada Emo, “PrivatBank” nationalizations in 2016. The Ministry of Finance bought 100% of the shares for 1 hryvnia. According to the NBU data, the 21st birthday of Igor Kolomoisky Volodiv directly gives 41.6572% of shares to the bank, another 16.5748% is indirect.

District Administrative Court of the city of Kiev 18 April 2019 according to the call of Igor Kol Omoiskogo having learned against the law having squashed the decision to remove the non-paying PrivatBank from the market for the participation of the state.

In the spring of 2020, the fate of the bloc will be praised as the “anti-Kolomoisky” law, which will stop the disgrace of the nationalization of the bank, which may be impossible, and the leaf fall 2 023 roku bulo delivered a speck in Kolomoisky’s business is turning to PrivatBank.

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