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The SBU announced the exposure of 6 more agitators, among them a blogger from Medvedchuk’s media pool and a city council deputy

Now investigators from the Security Service have informed the defendants of suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The SBU announced the exposure of 6 more agitators

The Security Service of Ukraine announced the exposure of 6 more pro-Russian agitators who justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, glorified the Russian occupiers and called for the seizure of the entire territory of Ukraine.

Yes, in the Cherkasy regiona deputy of the Chihyryn City Council was exposed, who publicly justified the war crimes of the Rashists and was waiting for the capture of the region.

According to the investigation, the official distributed anti-Ukrainian publications among his circle. Destructive content was taken from pro-Kremlin information resources and supplemented with original messages.

It is also documented that the person involved was in direct contact with Vladimir Oleinik, an ex-member of the People's Republic of Belarus, a traitor from the banned Party of Regions, who is hiding abroad.

In correspondence with the former regional governor, he reported disinformation with which he discredited Ukrainian soldiers and collected data for him about the mood of the population in the Cherkasy region.

In addition, another resident of the Cherkasy region was detained, who spread calls for an armed seizure of state power in Ukraine. To spread hostile propaganda, he created several Telegram and Facebook communities and administered a YouTube channel.

In Kyiva blogger from the capital was exposed, who “whitened” the subversive activities of the traitor-external deputy Medvedchuk and collaborator Stremousov. To do this, she used her own pages on Telegram, TikTok, Instagram with a total audience of more than 100 thousand users.

In the Dnepropetrovsk region two more pro-Russian agitators were exposed. One of them is a former law enforcement officer who praised the militants of the Russian occupation groups.

Another person involved was a resident of Novomoskovsk. On his personal page on the social network, he spread fakes about the Defense Forces, which are fighting on the front line.

In the Donetsk region a resident of the front-line region was detained, who called for the bombing of Kiev and glorified the militants of the Russian group “Akhmat” .

Now Security Service investigators have informed the defendants of suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Last week, the SBU announced the destruction of a large-scale FSB intelligence network operating under the guise of the UOC (MP). The investigation established that the FSB network was trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. They massively produced and dispersed pro-Kremlin narratives.


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