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The SBU voiced an unconvinced version of the Russian strike on the 128th ZSU brigade

The Russians hit a special warehouse of the 128th brigade near the Zaporizhzhya region at leaf fall 2023 u, vlashtuvavshi technical penetration to the Defense Forces. This version is one of the main ones.

About this process, the head of the Cybersecurity Department of the SBU, Illya Vityuk, writes RBC-Ukraine, sent to Ukrinform.

“One at a time “From the main versions, that targeting (a strike on the 128th brigade – ed.) became possible through technical penetration. This episode clearly shows how unsafe the corruption of cyber capabilities in military operations is,” he said.

During the course of the investigation, it became clear that one of the devices, which was the Signal messenger, received a notification about a specific date and place of military service, where the missile later arrived.

According to the brigadier general, the dispatcher phishing inform the evil messengers of specific military forces as one of the threats.

“Their hacker group “Armageddon” is growing stronger. There are thousands of such messages. If they manage to “hack” devices, then the enemy will be closed є access to instant messengers, to computers yuteriv through mail. This often leads to tragic consequences,” said Vityuk.

Attack on the special warehouse of the 128th brigade near Zaporizhzhya region

The Russian Federation hit a special warehouse of the 128th OGShb of the Transcarpathian brigade in the Zaporizhzhya region. At this point, the city was awarded the city before the Artilleryman's Day, the 3rd fall of leaves in 2023.

Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov and the ZSU confirmed the strike with the Iskander-M missile on the army's army. As a result of the shelling, military personnel died and nearly 30 people were wounded, including civilians. Then 19 military personnel died.

With their black leaves, 19 leaf fall, on the Day of the Rocket and Artillery Forces of the Russian Federation, during the hour of encampment, the ZSU hit the place of the dislocation of the 810th naval infantry brigade of the Russian Federation in the Kherson region i. There was an increasing number of occupiers. As a result, the ZSU was able to eliminate a few dozen Russian military personnel. Nearly hundreds more were seriously injured. The military called this attack on the enemy a revenge for the Russian attack on the military services of the 128th military assault brigade of the 3rd leaf fall.

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